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Absolution, a stand- alone murder mystery, published on September 2, 2021, is now available from your favorite distributor in both print and ebook versions.

A teenager, Joey "Noonz" Mastronunzio, is forced to participate in a home invasion in Queens leaving a young couple dead and their infant son an orphan. Although he did not pull the trigger, he is determined to atone for his actions that night by joining the Marine Corps and then joining the seminary after his military service. The baby, Michael Simon, grows up to become an NYPD homicide lieutenant determined to locate and arrest the "guy who got away" from the scene of the murders. When Lieutenant Simon finally discovers the identity of the second perpetrator, he is shocked to learn he has known him most of his life. What follows is an unlikely alliance between Simon and the Bishop of Brooklyn as they uncover the rampant pedophilia in the Church. Battling threats, intrigue, deception, and murder, the duo comes up against the highest echelons of power in the NYPD and the Church as both institutions desperately seek to keep their records of depravity and cover-ups from ever being released to the public.


The Group, the 6th novel in the Danny Boyland Series. While vacationing in the North Carolina mountains, New York Metropolitan Police Dept. Detective Danny Boyland unwillingly gets assigned to assist the Jesper County sheriff to lead the murder investigation of a prominent local resident. Martin Bayard has been stabbed to death with two different knives, his body incurring 42 stab wounds. During the autopsy Danny discovers the 46 year-old Bayard has the physical appearance and internal organs of a man at least 20 years younger. He immediately suspects that Bayard may be a member of The Group, a mysterious organization dedicated to extending their longevity through genetic engineering, in order to achieve their goals of power and control over the nation. As Danny and his team close in on The Group, they are closing in on him, determined to eliminate this obstacle in their path to domination and immortality.


The Marsh Mallows, the 5th novel in the Danny Boyland Series. A single scream in the night begins New York Detective Danny Boyland’s investigation into the “crime of the decade.” Melanie Smith, a beautiful, blue-eyed blonde escort, has disappeared after her last date. The search for her leads to the discovery of numerous bodies in the swampy marshlands of Long Island’s south shore. Not only are blue- eyed blondes formerly employed in the sex trade turning up dead, but also several suspected drug mules, and a bevy of long-dead mobsters dating back to the Lufthansa heist in the 70s. From the Hamptons to Brooklyn, a three-pronged task force of the area’s top detectives sets out to solve the murders. Danny’s investigation leads him to the highest ranks of the New York Metropolitan Police Department, a meticulously crafted frame-up, and a resolution that will haunt him forever.

Forever Young was chosen as the WINNER of the 2018 Silver Falchion Award for best police procedural published in 2017 at this year's Killer Nashville Writer's Conference.



Published in August 2017 - Forever Young, the fourth novel in the Danny Boyland Series. A seemingly routine accidental shooting of a motorist is quickly solved by Detective Danny Boyland and his partner, Virgil “Spider” Webb. The shooter confesses and pleads guilty – too easily they both think, but their bosses close the case. A visit by FBI Agent Mike Havlek reveals the victim was in the witness protection program and was not the first, but the fourth one murdered. They join forces to investigate who is doing the murders, why the victims are being murdered, and who is providing the secret identities and locations of the victims. What they eventually discover leads them to the highest levels of power, money, and influence in the government and corporate worlds, and to a mysterious, clandestine group’s quest to synthesize a magic elixir capable of curing the one disease thought to be incurable – the disease of old age.


Published in April 2016 - Election Day, the fourth novel in the Harry Cassidy Series. In order to prevent America’s descent into socialism, Thee Minutemen, led by the charismatic Christopher Steadman, attempts to influence hundreds of congressional races by targeted killings and media intimidation.  Former NYMPD Commissioner Harry Cassidy, at first sympathetic to their cause, joins the battle against them when his FBI agent daughter is shot during an attack. The Minutemen are defeated, but the election result leads the country into becoming a socialist state, turning American citizens into welfare dependent slaves ruled by despotic politicians. Harry and Steadman join forces to reverse this situation, and they don’t wait for the next election to accomplish it. This political thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat as the final battle to save America is joined.

Published in September 2015 - Portraits in Blue is a collection of short stories tracing the lives and careers of four members of the New York Metropolitan Police Department as they progress from their rookie days to their retirement years. It's all here as the reader accompanies the three B's - Joe Brauer, Tim Braddock and Mike Benevento - on patrol, and Detective Duke Williams as he investigates crimes of murder and mayhem. Your emotions will gyrate between happiness and despair, loving and loathing, and fulfillment and frustration as these four dedicated men try to cope with instances of violence, compassion, failure, success, life and death, as can only be found on the streets and neighborhoods of New York.

Published  in February 2015 -The Romen Society, the third novel in the Harry Cassidy series. A fanatical domestic eco-terrorist group, launches a reign of terror, mass murder, and widespread property destruction across America in order to achieve its ends. Claiming that existing environmental groups (ELF, ALF, PETA, and Greenpeace) will fail to save the planet because they are not violent enough, the charismatic Savior, his twelve apostles and ninety-six disciples target gas-guzzling vehicles, Big Tobacco (including individual cigarette smokers) and the nuclear power industry. NYMPD Police Commissioner Harry Cassidy and the Joint Terrorist Task Force must locate and neutralize the Romens as the fate of millions of Americans living in the shadow of the nation's 104 nuclear plants hangs in the balance. But the Savior's chief Apostle, Peter, seems invincible and unstoppable as he diabolically plans to kill all the members of the Task Force luring them to their death to rescue their kidnapped children.

Published in June 2014 - The Last Crusade , the second novel in the Harry Cassidy series. Harry joins the Joint Terrorist Task Force to battle OBL-911 a terrorist group bent on destroying the United States in general and New York City in particular. Despite a massive attack on the Independence Day weekend, OBL-911 suffers a major defeat and is forced into hiding. Harry gets on with his life, loves and police career and just when things seem perfect, OBL-911 strikes again using the found cache of Saddam Hussein's WMDs -- poisons, gases and dirty nuclear devices -- setting up one last deadly confrontation with the very existence of our nation at stake.  Plus an added bonus - a two chapter preview of the third Harry Cassidy novel - The Romen Society.


Published in October, 2013 - Mommy, Mommy, the third novel in the Danny Boyland series.  Rookie police officer Danny  Boyland gets a radio call to respond to the Chandler household and discovers Jim Chandler dead after a fall down the basement stairs. Jim's wife Angela is suspected of pushing him down the stairs, but no evidence exists to arrest her.  A few days after Jim's funeral, Angela abandons their only child, nine-year old Frankie Chandler, fleeing to California. Frankie becomes a ward of the State and prays for the return of his mother. She never comes back and when Frankie turns 18 he begins to search for her.  And when he finally does find her, leaving a trail of dead women in his wake, revenge is his. Or is it?  And who really was Angela? And if she was not his real mother, who was? The story will keep you turning the pages right up to the final confrontation between Frankie and Danny. Just in (January 2014) from Kirkus Reviews - "...a mesmerizing killer makes this story a triumph."  Check out kirkusreviews.com to read the complete review.

First Print Edition Published in December 2019 - Cassidy's Corner is the first book in a series featuring Police Officer Harry Cassidy. The story is a tale of betrayal and revenge, intertwined with a tragic love affair. When Cassidy violates his oath of office he must battle an internal investigation and his inner demons. A love affair with his chief inquisitor from Internal Affairs, Sergeant Susan Goldman, forces her to choose between her oath of office and her love for Harry. The suspense builds as Harry and Susan move toward their final decisions of love, honor and integrity. The Last Crusade, The Romen Society, and Election Day, all thrillers, follow in the series. 


 Second Edition Published in December 2019 - Cases Closed, the second novel in the series featuring Detective Danny Boyland. A new whodunit begins for him and his partner Virgil "Spider" Webb, a mystery involving two dead bodies found on a golf course and two dead bodies from 34 years ago, a case which has never been solved. The story will keep you in suspense right up to the end as the Governor of New York agonizes over allowing or preventing his best friend to perish from a lethal injection in the death chamber. The Judge in the Writer's Digest 21st Annual Self-Published Book Awards commented that Cases Closed "...is a prime example of a well-written mystery and suspense novel by someone who knows how the system works. From the first page to the last, readers will be riveted to the story and not be able to put it down."              


Second Expanded Edition Published in December 2019. When homicide detective Daniel Boyland investigates his first big murder case, the poisoning death of school teacher Laura Samuels, he falls in love with the chief murder suspect, Niki Wells, with disastrous results. By cleverly manipulating the forensic evidence and witness testimony, Niki frames Danny for the murder. His struggle to prove his innocence and reclaim his family and career push the story to its conclusion. But there’s a big problem. He still loves her. Or does he? And she still loves him. Or does she just want to tie up her last “loose end” and enjoy the good life with her ill-gotten insurance money?